Raspberry Pi Finally Arrives

After a long wait the Raspberry Pi I ordered from Farnell on 29th February finally arrived yesterday. I expect that most people reading this blog knows all about the Raspberry Pi and the charity behind it by now, designed with the aim to bring programming back into the school curriculum and spawn a new generation of […]

The Magic of the Boost Converter

Or how to get 5V From a single AA Battery. It might seem like magic but a boost converter or step-up converter is a handy little device that can output a voltage greater than its input voltage. This makes it very useful for getting a consistent voltage in battery powered devices or running a circuit from […]

GLCD Screens and Touchscreens with the Arduino

I’ve been playing with some more GLCDs (Graphical Liquid Crystal Displays) recently, along with a Nintendo DS touchscreen. The parallel KS0108 display I used for my emonGLCD used an awful lot of pins, 16 including the power, which doesn’t leave a lot left over for anything else, so I thought I would try some of […]

Arduino GPS Display

I recently salvaged a Navman Jupiter 12 GPS module (a TU35-D410-041) from an old Phantom vehicle tracking device that I got for free and have been experimenting with connecting it to an Arduino Duemilanove and a spare HD44780 compatible 4×20 LCD display that I had lying around. Once I had found the datasheet for the GPS […]

The TiVo AltEPG Project

In early 2000 TiVo launched their revolutionary Linux based PVR in the UK in partnership with Sky TV and it soon picked up a loyal fanbase. Unfortunately due to a lack of marketing it never took off as it should have and TiVo pulled out of the UK in January 2003 and Sky later went […]

FIGnition: Build your own 8-bit computer

Build a computer from components in an afternoon? How could I resist? Using only 3 chips and only 46 components in total, the FIGnition is a brand new 8-bit computer designed by Julian Skidmore that you can build yourself. It runs a variant of FIG-Forth and is based around the Atmel AVR microcontroller (an AtMega168), along […]

IOIO Input/Output board for Android

I’ve just received one of these wonderful little I/O boards for Android. The IOIO connects to an Android phone or tablet via USB allowing it to act on external inputs and control external devices, no modification of the Android device is required and no firmware programming is necessary, just ordinary Android application authoring with a […]

Installing Android 2.3 Gingerbread on the HTC Desire

As a follow up to my Android 2.2 guide from July here is how to install Android 2.3 Gingerbread on the GSM HTC Desire using AdamG’s Oxygen V2.0 Gingerbread ROM. This is a clean ROM built from the Android Open Source Project aka AOSP so doesn’t have HTC Sense. If you like the Sense UI […]

Sniper SelfTrack App for Android

One of the driving forces behind my switch from the iPhone to Android was the ease and openness of the development platform and that development didn’t require a Mac. It didn’t take me long to get stuck into the SDK and I am pleased to say that my first Android app has been published onto […]

Ubuntu 10.10 for the O2 Joggler

I’ve been trying a new Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick) image out on my O2 Joggler this week and it is a big improvement over the 9.04 images I’ve been using previously and everything works out of the box without any fiddling. The image includes all the software normally shipped with the base Ubuntu distribution with the […]