vsound 0.6 Released

I’ve just put Version 0.6 of vsound up. This rolls in the very handy autostop patch from Richard Taylor which kills the player after a set number of seconds of inactivity (defined as the time that the /dev/dsp device is closed). This is ideal when recording BBC Radio programmes for example as realplayer closes /dev/dsp […]

Xbox Media Center

Xbox Media Center went Gold on June 29th, Version 1.0.0 should be available from all the usual places. Like XMBP before it, XBMC has continually exceeded expectations and is THE killer app for the Xbox in my opinion. Even as someone who doesn’t play computer/console games much if at all I don’t regret buying the […]

Xbox Media Player becomes Xbox Media Center

For a while now the Xbox Media Player team have been working on a complete rewrite of XBMP which is intended to replace XBMP in the long term. It is called Xbox Media Center and is now very functional and is, I think ready to replace XBMP for my own use. The web interface is […]

IPCop 1.2.0 Released

IPCop 1.2.0 was released on Friday so I’ve updated the review & comparison to include the new features. In addition to general package updates there are several new features including backup/restore, static DHCP leases, aliasing on the red interface, proxy graphs and more.

IPCop Firewall Distro

The IPCop firewall team have released their first stable release, v0.1.1 is available for download now. I’ve been using the beta for a few weeks now and I’m very impressed. For those that are familiar with Smoothwall, IPCop is a fork of the 0.9.9 GPL version, it’s kind of like a Smoothwall without the attitude.