The BBC Micro 30 Years On

Hard to believe that another one of the computers that had such an impact on my life is now thirty years old, I don’t feel old enough for anything I remember so well to be 30 years ago. After the Sinclair ZX81 and the Spectrum that followed it our next family computer was the BBC Micro […]

FIGnition: Build your own 8-bit computer

Build a computer from components in an afternoon? How could I resist? Using only 3 chips and only 46 components in total, the FIGnition is a brand new 8-bit computer designed by Julian Skidmore that you can build yourself. It runs a variant of FIG-Forth and is based around the Atmel AVR microcontroller (an AtMega168), along […]

Happy 30th birthday to the Sinclair ZX81

Photo credit: WEBmikey The legendary Sinclair ZX81 was launched 30 years ago today. It might have only had black and white output with only upper case text, blocky graphics, 1K of RAM, no sound and a membrane keyboard but the ZX81 will always have a special place in my heart as it was the first […]

New Addition

I added a Mac Quadra 950 to the computer collection just before Christmas, currently running OS 8.1 but I’ve also got a copy of Apple’s A/UX 3.1 to put on it and I’ll probably give Linux/m68k a go too while I’m at it. I’m having a bit of an organisation crisis with the computer collection […]

New additions to computer collection

Some new additions to the computer collection this month. A couple of weeks ago I bought a Sun SparcStation 20 on eBay along with a 17″ Sun/Nokia monitor and this week I received a Digital VaxStation 3100/m30 plus VT320 terminal. I’ve got the SS20 running Debian Woody and I’ll be putting NetBSD/VAX onto the VS3100 […]

Sun JavaStation

I picked up a Sun JavaStation-1 Network Computer (aka Mr Coffee) on Ebay earlier this week and have set it up as an X Terminal, running Linux (or course!), here’s the write up and a step by step guide to the process. I also managed to get some more of my ideas for a car […]