TempTX V2 Wireless Temperature Sensor Module

The original wireless temperature sensor module that I built at the end of October is still happily working away proving that the concept of a very minimal wireless node works and that it is quite happy running from two AA batteries. There were a couple of factors that influenced the previous boards design that meant […]

WiNode Based Wireless Graphical Display

I’ve recently put together another wireless GLCD display, this time using a WiNode together with a ST7565 GLCD with RGB backlight and a Nintendo DS touchscreen. The WiNode is fitted with a 433MHz RFB12B transceiver and the MCP79410 Real Time Clock (RTC) option as well as a DS18B20 temperature sensor for the room temperature reading. This is quite […]

GLCD Screens and Touchscreens with the Arduino

I’ve been playing with some more GLCDs (Graphical Liquid Crystal Displays) recently, along with a Nintendo DS touchscreen. The parallel KS0108 display I used for my emonGLCD used an awful lot of pins, 16 including the power, which doesn’t leave a lot left over for anything else, so I thought I would try some of […]

Wireless Temperature Sensor Module

UPDATE: There is a new improved version of this here: TempTX V2 Wireless Temperature Sensor Module and a new mini version using the ATtiny84 here. As I mentioned in my last post I wanted to get the GLCD display that I built for my OpenEnergyMonitor system to transmit the reading from its internal temperature sensor so that the Nanode could […]

Building a graphical display for OpenEnergyMonitor

As a followup to my post on building an OpenEnergyMonitor system here is a description of two different remote displays I have made, one using a 128×64 pixel graphical LCD and one using a 4×20 line LCD. The GLCD Version The OpenEnergyMonitor project is working on a graphical display and I’ve based the code on […]

Building an OpenEnergyMonitor system

OpenEnergyMonitor is a project to implement an open source whole house energy monitoring system built on the Arduino platform. This guide will show you how to make a complete system that will monitor your mains power usage and transmit it over a wireless link to a base station which will upload the data to a web server […]