TinyTX & Tiny328 Sensors with Node-RED

Node-RED is currently taking the IoT world by storm, described as “A visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things” it is built on top of Node.js and is an open source project developed by IBM employees. It makes it easy to link various inputs and outputs adding simple or not so simple processing in […]

Wireless Sensor Battery Life 2 Years On

Back in November 2011 when I made my first ATmega328 based wireless temperature sensor node I did a rough calculation estimating that it would last 2 years or more on a couple of AA batteries. That first node was decommissioned after a few months but the second version, also based on an ATmega328 is still […]

OSWIN Gateway with RFM12B, SRF and OOK Support

So after getting an SRF based TinyTX and an OOK based one running I thought I should update the gateway code for my OSWIN gateway to support both types of sensors as well as the RFM12B. To receive the SRF node I’m using a Ciseco XRF in the Xbee socket and the OOK receiver is plugged in […]

Introducing OSWIN, the Open Source Wireless IoT Node

OSWIN is the only slightly contrived acronym for my new Arduino compatible Open Source Wireless IoT Node based on the ATmega1284P AVR microcontroller. I blogged about using the ATmega1284P with the WIZ820io ethernet module last year and was subsequently sent two prototypes based on the same combo to evaluate, the MAX1284 and the Air Sensor Hub. For […]

TinyTX3 Wireless Sensor Board

Since I put the files for the first PCB version of my TinyTX wireless sensor node online in June I’ve heard from people around the world who have had their own boards made which is really encouraging, especially as it was my first PCB design and was mainly done just to learn how to use the Eagle CAD […]

Using Raspberry Pi as a base station for TinyTX

The guys at OpenEnergyMonitor were kind enough to send me a prototype of their new RFM12Pi board a few weeks ago, this handy little kit allows our favourite low power radio board to be connected to the immensely popular Raspberry Pi.  This makes setting up a tiny little server for receiving data from the OEM […]

Using the TinyTX with the DHT22 Temperature/Humidity Sensor

I covered some of this in the comments on my last post but thought it made sense to do a separate post detailing it. The DHT22, also known as the AM2302 and RHT03 is a relatively cheap combined digital temperature and humidity sensor that with a little manipulation will go straight onto my TinyTX sensor […]

TinyTX Wireless Temperature Sensor PCB

For the latest iteration of my wireless temperature sensor (compatible with OpenEnergyMonitor, Nanodes and Jeenodes) I decided it was time for a proper PCB. While it’s not too much hassle to make one from stripboard, botching the RFM12B transceivers onto it is a bit of a pain in the bum and a custom PCB makes it […]

An ATtiny based Wireless Temperature Sensor

I was poking around in the JeeLabs RF12 library recently (now part of JeeLib) and noticed that it now supports the ATtiny microcontrollers – it’s what the new JeeNode Micro uses, which got me thinking about even smaller, simpler wireless temperature sensor modules again. If you aren’t familiar with the Atmel TinyAVR range of microcontrollers they are […]

Further extending the TempTX battery life

I’ve been struggling for thinking and tinkering time this week due to a bad cold that has totally wiped me out but I did have some more thoughts on further reducing the power usage of the TempTX V2. The first one is quite simple and will only have a minor effect but only needs a […]