Amazon Echo Alexa Skills Kit integration with Node-RED

I have been using my Amazon Echo and a Raspberry Pi running AlexaPi for voice control of lights, appliances and modes using ha-bridge, a Java app that emulates the Philips Hue API which is one of the few devices that the Echo supports natively. I use ha-bridge to call mosquitto_pub to send MQTT messages to my Node-RED based home automation system which allows […]

Background Radiation Monitoring

A little Saturday afternoon project last weekend was putting together this geiger counter kit from RH Electronics in Israel, paired with a soviet SBM-20 Geiger-Müller tube sourced from an eBay seller in the Ukraine. Total cost was £32 which seems very reasonable to me. The RH Electronics kit comes with all the components apart from the […]

Pebble Timeline node for Node-RED

The reason behind the last post was so that I could create a node for Node-RED to send pins to the Timeline on a Pebble smartwatch. To use this you obviously need a Pebble Time (or a classic Pebble once the Timeline update is available) but you will also need a Timeline user token which […]