Air Quality Egg – Community air quality monitoring

Way back in March 2012 I backed my first Kickstarter project, the Air Quality Egg from Wicked Device, a project to build a community-led air quality sensing network. It has been a long time coming but despite Royal Mail’s best efforts it has finally arrived. From the Air Quality Egg website: “A community-led air quality sensing network that […]

TinyTX ACK Support Added

As I’ve been adding more and more TinyTX wireless sensors one thing that was bothering me was the lack of ACK support in the system meant that if the base station was busy receiving a packet from one node then anything sent from another node at the same time would be lost. By adding a […]

Building a Web Based Infrared Remote Control

This little project was born out of a wish to control a DAB tuner from other rooms of the house and a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon made it reality. A Nanode (an original Nanode 5 in this case) is plugged into my ethernet network and an infrared emitter is connected to digital pin […]

Further extending the TempTX battery life

I’ve been struggling for thinking and tinkering time this week due to a bad cold that has totally wiped me out but I did have some more thoughts on further reducing the power usage of the TempTX V2. The first one is quite simple and will only have a minor effect but only needs a […]

TempTX V2 Wireless Temperature Sensor Module

The original wireless temperature sensor module that I built at the end of October is still happily working away proving that the concept of a very minimal wireless node works and that it is quite happy running from two AA batteries. There were a couple of factors that influenced the previous boards design that meant […]

WiNode Based Wireless Graphical Display

I’ve recently put together another wireless GLCD display, this time using a WiNode together with a ST7565 GLCD with RGB backlight and a Nintendo DS touchscreen. The WiNode is fitted with a 433MHz RFB12B transceiver and the MCP79410 Real Time Clock (RTC) option as well as a DS18B20 temperature sensor for the room temperature reading. This is quite […]

The Nanode family expands

The original Nanode has proved to be a great success with a growing community of people building many interesting networked devices and this month, Ken Boak, the creator of the Nanode has launched several new additions to the line. The new Nanode RF is essentially an upgrade to the original Nanode 5 with an on […]

Wireless Temperature Sensor Module

UPDATE: There is a new improved version of this here: TempTX V2 Wireless Temperature Sensor Module and a new mini version using the ATtiny84 here. As I mentioned in my last post I wanted to get the GLCD display that I built for my OpenEnergyMonitor system to transmit the reading from its internal temperature sensor so that the Nanode could […]

Building a graphical display for OpenEnergyMonitor

As a followup to my post on building an OpenEnergyMonitor system here is a description of two different remote displays I have made, one using a 128×64 pixel graphical LCD and one using a 4×20 line LCD. The GLCD Version The OpenEnergyMonitor project is working on a graphical display and I’ve based the code on […]

Building an OpenEnergyMonitor system

OpenEnergyMonitor is a project to implement an open source whole house energy monitoring system built on the Arduino platform. This guide will show you how to make a complete system that will monitor your mains power usage and transmit it over a wireless link to a base station which will upload the data to a web server […]