Lingan SWA1 Plug in Wi-Fi Socket with MQTT (ESP8266)

This is another cheap plug in Wi-Fi mains socket that uses the ESP8266, comparable to the Sonoff S20. Cost was £8.34 + £2.34 shipping to the UK from TVC-Mall. It is also available from Banggood for a little more and is starting to show up on eBay now too. I didn’t try the standard software/firmware […]

Ai-Light RGBW LED Wi-Fi Light Bulbs with MQTT (ESP8266)

I already had most of my lights converted to RGBW but couldn’t resist getting one of these when I heard they contained the ESP8266 and could be reprogrammed, I eventually ended up with three after buying a second to verify the first was not at fault and then a third to check it was the […]

H801 Wi-Fi RGBW LED Controller with MQTT (ESP8266)

I picked a couple of these up from Aliexpress earlier in the year, I had been planning to DIY something similar but when I spotted these Aiboo H801 RGBWW units for only £8.35 each there didn’t seem much point.  They support the three RGB channels as well as two white channels, up to 96W per channel and […]

Itead Sonoff S20 Plug In Wi-Fi Sockets with MQTT (ESP8266)

Itead have expanded their Sonoff range a lot since I wrote about the original Sonoff module over a year ago. That module has been in use since then and has been rock solid although I did switch from the ESPEasy firmware to Theo Arends’ Sonoff specific firmware, now called TASMOTA which has seen a lot of development. […]

ESP8266 Relay Modules from Itead and Electrodragon

Here are two similar but also rather different WiFi controlled mains switching relay modules that both use the ESP8266 WiFi SoC. Both come with a nice case, can be reprogrammed with your own firmware and are exceedingly cheap for what you get. I’m using these with MQTT and Node-RED so that they seamlessly integrate with the […]

WiFi MQTT Display with the ESP8266

Like many people I have been playing with the Espressif ESP8266 WiFi modules over the last few months. I’ve had a couple of modules running for a while now, one connected to an Arduino pro mini clone with a 2×16 OLED display and one running directly on the ESP8266 using the NodeMcu Lua interpreter controlling a […]

Raspberry Pi Sinclair TV LCD Conversion

I got the idea for this after watching Dave’s teardown of the 1984 Sinclair flat screen pocket TV and thought it looked like a good candidate to make a cool retro style status display housing. So soon after watching Dave’s teardown I headed off to eBay and picked one up, this one was non-functional to begin with (dead CRT) so I […]