Ubuntu 10.10 for the O2 Joggler

I’ve been trying a new Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick) image out on my O2 Joggler this week and it is a big improvement over the 9.04 images I’ve been using previously and everything works out of the box without any fiddling. The image includes all the software normally shipped with the base Ubuntu distribution with the […]

Some Joggler Updates

I succumbed to temptation and bought another Joggler for playing around with as the first is serving so well as a bedside media player using Rhythmbox for streaming radio and podcasts and the odd bit of iPlayer. I thought I would update with a few small things I’ve done recently that others might find useful: […]

Joggler on offer again

Photo credit: O2UKOfficial O2 have got the Joggler on offer at £50 again until the end of May so if you missed out last time now is your chance. This is a cracking deal for a nice hackable bit of hardware, I’m very tempted to get another. See my previous post on the Joggler for […]

Hacking the O2 Joggler

Photo credit: O2UKOfficial I grabbed one of the O2 Jogglers last week while they were on special offer at £49.99. The Joggler is a rebranded version of the OpenPeak OpenFrame and is touted by O2 as a “replacement for your fridge door” it is intended to be a sort of home messaging hub with calendar, […]