SMS with the Wavecom WMOi3 GSM Modem and Arduino

These little GSM modules and similar models pop up very cheaply on eBay, usually removed from old equipment (commonly found on the “BT Redcare GSM STU” which can be had for under a tenner) and they are a great way to add text message (SMS) functionality to a project for very little money. I actually got […]

Introducing OSWIN, the Open Source Wireless IoT Node

OSWIN is the only slightly contrived acronym for my new Arduino compatible Open Source Wireless IoT Node based on the ATmega1284P AVR microcontroller. I blogged about using the ATmega1284P with the WIZ820io ethernet module last year and was subsequently sent two prototypes based on the same combo to evaluate, the MAX1284 and the Air Sensor Hub. For […]

TinyTX3 Wireless Sensor Board

Since I put the files for the first PCB version of my TinyTX wireless sensor node online in June I’ve heard from people around the world who have had their own boards made which is really encouraging, especially as it was my first PCB design and was mainly done just to learn how to use the Eagle CAD […]

Air Quality Egg – Community air quality monitoring

Way back in March 2012 I backed my first Kickstarter project, the Air Quality Egg from Wicked Device, a project to build a community-led air quality sensing network. It has been a long time coming but despite Royal Mail’s best efforts it has finally arrived. From the Air Quality Egg website: “A community-led air quality sensing network that […]

RFM12B Breakout Board

I’m still waiting for the PCBs for the latest revision of my TinyTX board to arrive but these breakout boards for the RFM12B transceiver which I actually ordered on the same day ended up getting sent a few days ahead of it for some reason, maybe it is because I went for a red solder […]

Arduino Compatible Boards

For those times when you need something a bit a bit different to the usual Arduino fare, whether it’s something smaller or something more powerful but you still want to retain the familiar Arduino IDE there are quite a few options. As well as the usual microprocessors used with the official Arduinos you can easily […]

Using Raspberry Pi as a base station for TinyTX

The guys at OpenEnergyMonitor were kind enough to send me a prototype of their new RFM12Pi board a few weeks ago, this handy little kit allows our favourite low power radio board to be connected to the immensely popular Raspberry Pi.  This makes setting up a tiny little server for receiving data from the OEM […]

TinyPCRemote – An ATtiny85 Based Infrared PC remote control

Here’s a cheap way to build your own fully customisable infrared PC remote control. If you already have a suitable infrared remote control going spare you can build one of these for under £4, it will allow you to use most infrared remote controls to issue keyboard commands (single characters or a string) on your […]

TinyTX ACK Support Added

As I’ve been adding more and more TinyTX wireless sensors one thing that was bothering me was the lack of ACK support in the system meant that if the base station was busy receiving a packet from one node then anything sent from another node at the same time would be lost. By adding a […]

Using the ATmega1284P with the Arduino IDE & WIZ820io

If your project runs out of resources, be it IO, RAM or flash when using the ATmega328 found in the standard Arduinos you might think of upgrading to the very well endowed ATmega2560P as used in the Arduino Mega but as maniacbug points out there is another option that might make more sense in a lot of […]