Retro Computer Collection

Computers are my biggest interest (some would say obsession) and I have owned many different kinds over the years, in fact I still have most of them. It all started in 1981 when my dad bought a Sinclair ZX81 (I’d have been about 8 at the time), this was soon replaced with a Spectrum and then BBC Model B a year or so later (I still have it).  Since then I seem to have accumulated a fair amount of computer junk, some are the machines I actually used when they were new and some were acquired later on. I never set out to start a collection, it just sort of happened!

Around 2004 I had to put the collecting on hold due to lack of space (and organisation if I’m honest).

I’ve made a start on  uploading some photographs of these here.


BBC Model B: 6502 Second Processor, Watford Le Modem, 40 Track 5.25″ Floppy, Hegotron Robotics graphics tablet, lightpen, ROM expansion board, numerous ROM’s

A4000: 2Mb RAM, 2Mb ROM, 80Mb HD, i-cubed EtherLan200 ethernet adapter


Apple Macintosh SE FDHD: 4Mb RAM, 40Mb hard drive, Shiva Etherport SE Ethernet adapter
OS: System 7.0.1

Apple Macintosh Performa 475: 12Mb RAM, 500Mb hard drive, LC PDS Ethernet adapter
OS: Mac OS 8

Apple Macintosh Performa 630: 12Mb RAM, 500Mb hard drive, LC PDS Ethernet adapter
OS: Mac OS 8

Apple Macintosh Quadra 950: 148Mb RAM, 1.1Gb hard drive
OS: Mac OS 8.1, A/UX 3.1

Apple iMac DV: 400Mhz, 320Mb RAM, 10Gb hard drive
OS: Mac OS X 10.3


Commodore Vic 20: Cassette Drive, TV Modulator, 8K Ram Cartridge

Commodore Amiga 500: 1Mb RAM, Vortex 40Mb hard drive, 2nd 3.5″ floppy, home built sound sampler
OS: Workbench 1.3.2


Digital MicroVAX II: BA23 enclosure, 9Mb RAM Board, DELQA Ethernet adapter
OS: NetBSD/vax 1.3.2

Digital VaxStation 3100/M30: 24Mb RAM, 540Mb & 2Gb HD’s
OS: NetBSD/vax 1.6

Hewlett Packard (HP)

Apollo 9000 – 715/100XC: 32Mb RAM, 2.1Gb hard drive, HyperCRX-24 Graphics Accelerator
OS: Debian PARISC GNU/Linux

Open University

Hektor III: 8085C Processor, 64K ROM, 64K RAM, Max resolution 640×240, 1200/75 Modem

Silicon Graphics (SGI)

Indy R4600/133: 64Mb RAM, 1Gb HD, 20″ remote control colour monitor, indycam
OS: Irix 5.3

Indy R4600/133: 64Mb RAM, 1Gb & 4.3Gb HD
OS: Debian GNU/Linux 3

Indy R4000/100: 64Mb RAM, 1Gb HD
OS: Irix 5.3

Indigo R4000/100: 64Mb RAM, 1Gb HD
OS: Irix 6.2

Indigo 2 R10000/195 Solid Impact: 128Mb RAM, 4.5Gb HD
OS: Irix 6.2


Sinclair ZX81: with 16K ram pack

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K: Housed in a dk’Tronics MK2 keyboard, microdrive, interface 1, ZX printer and Currah speech synthesiser

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K: Housed in a dk’Tronics MK1 keyboard


SPARCstation IPC (aka Sun 4/40): 24Mb RAM, 200Mb hard drive, cg3 framebuffer
OS: RedHat Linux 4.2 Kernel 2.0.35

JavaStation-1 (aka Mr Coffee): 32Mb RAM, 110MHz MicroSPARC II CPU
OS: Linux 2.4.2, NFS Root

Sun SPARCstation 20: 256Mb RAM, 75MHz SuperSPARC II CPU, 4.3Gb HD, TurboGX graphics, 17″ Sun Monitor, Type 5 keyboard & mouse
OS: Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 (Woody)


NMW branded Z80 CP/M Machine & Terminal

PC Compatible

IBM PC Model 5150 (the original IBM PC): Twin 5.25″ floppy with IBM CGA monitor, Quadram memory card takes RAM to 384K
OS: MS DOS 3.2

IBM PC/XT Model 5160: 640k, 10Mb HDD, 5.25″ & 3.5″ floppy, IBM Mono monitor
OS: MS DOS 3.2

IBM PS/2 Model 30: 8086 CPU @ 8MHz, 640K, Single floppy, 20Mb HDD, MCGA Graphics, mono monitor
OS: MS DOS 6.22, Windows 3.0

Schneider EuroPC: All in one PC with 640K, Single floppy, CGA Graphics, Schneider MM12 Monitor
OS: MS DOS 3.2

Wyse Wy-1100-1: 8088 CPU, Twin 5.25″ floppy
OS: MS DOS 3.2

Compaq 286SLT Laptop: 640K Ram, 20Mb HDD, Built in 2400 baud modem, mono VGA
OS: MS DOS 6.22 & Windows 3.0 or Minix 2.0.0

Toshiba T3200SX 386 Portable PC: 1Mb Ram, 40Mb HDD, With 9600 baud modem, amber VGA gas plasma screen
OS: FreeDOS / MS DOS 6.22, Windows For Workgroups 3.11


Digital VT320

Wyse WY-50 (x 2)

Wyse WY-60

Alcatel VT258 (Small portable terminal with built in 2400 baud modem)


Anita 851 LED caculator made by Sumlock Comptometer Ltd

Casio FX-702P Programmable Calculator & Casio Thermal Printer

Psion Organizer II LZ64: 8K, 2 x 64K,128K Datapaks, Mathpack, comms link, Psion Printer II, Datapak Formatter

Psion Series 3C 1Mb, 1Mb Flash SSD

Handspring Visor Deluxe, 8Mb, VisorPhone Springboard module

Last modified: 8 May 2013