Icom IC-R2 Serial Cables

A serial cable provides quick and easy programming of memory channels, memory names and set mode contents via a PC.

NOTE: All interfaces are constructed at your own risk. I will not be held responsible for any damage to scanners and/or computers caused by the use of these interfaces

There are some links to upload/download software here.

MAX233 Serial Cable Schematic

This is a very simple serial interface for the Icom R2 utilising the MAX233 IC. The MAX233 is a simple TTL/CMOS to RS232 level converter in a DIP package. Pin numbers in brackets are for 25 pin RS232.

Note: Ari Xirocostas found that this circuit didn’t work at all for him but he sent me a modified version which did. Ari’s version has a modified power supply to the MAX233 IC, another option would be to do away with the connection to pin 14 and instead connect an external PSU to pin 7 to provide the +5V for the IC. This may well be a better option as some serial ports may not be able to reliably power this circuit.

Icom OPC-478 Serial Cable Schematic

This schematic is for the original Icom OPC-478 cable, for use with the ICOM R2, R3 and the R-10.

Click the diagram for a larger image. Key.

Click for larger image

The IN/OUT connection attaches to the RING of a 3 conductor 3.5mm jack plug. The ground connection attaches to the sleeeve of the 3.5mm jack plug.

R1 150 ohms
R2 33 K ohms
R3 47 K ohms
R4 33 K ohms
R5 15 K ohms
R6 4.7 K ohms
C1 1uf 16 v
C2 0.47 uf 16 v
Q1 2SA1162 GR
Q2 2SC3324 GR
D1 5.1 volt Zener 1/2 watt
D2 MA110
D3 1SS133

Upload/Downloads Software:

Last modified: 26 February 2011

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