Psion Series 3

This page is no longer actively maintained but please feel free to report any dead links & I will update or remove.

Psion3cIn its time the Psion 3c was one of the best palmtops around because of its depth of applications and ease of use. The Series 3c weighs only 10 ounces, but still has a usable keyboard and an excellent screen. The built in software including a word processor, spell checker, spreadsheet, and database are all of equally good quality. Throw in a data cable and you have the complete solution.

There is information here on how to connect a 3c to a Linux box, how to source or make your own data cable and links to software and sites of interest.


  • P3nfs – Unix/Psion connectivity package that offers nfs like facilities and a VT100 terminal emulator for the psion.
  • arb’s Psion Software – Converts Psion3 data, agenda, word and sheet files into standard formats (for unix, dos & windows)
  • Serial Leads – Buy the Series 3c data cable on its own for £15
  • Disassembling a Psion Series 3 & upgrading the RAM
  • Switcher – Alt-Tab style task switcher for Series 3
  • Psion Infocom Interpreter – Play infocom text adventures on your S3
  • PsiZip – Compression and de-compression utility for the 3a/c/mx and Siena. Compatible with PKZIP for MS-DOS, Windows, UNIX, OS/2, and VMS systems.
  • Shell3a – Psion Series 3 CLI
  • Resistor – Resistor and capacitor colour code calculator for the Psion S3a and S3c
  • RevTran – A reverse-translator for OPL programs.
  • CracksV2 – CracksV2 removes protection that stops RevTran reverse translating an OPO/OPA. Removes protection by OPP, SafeOPL and RevMeNot.
  • Psion Infrared Remote Control Programs – Supports four protocols: Sony, JVC VCR, Panasonic DVD, and Onkyo Receiver. Runs on a Siena/3c/3mx as a fully functional remote.
  • HexView – Hexadecimal Viewer and Editor
  • Psi-on – Password manager
  • ZXEmul – Spectrum emulator compatible with Psion 3a, Psion 3c and Psion 3mx
  • eMail-It – E-mail program for your Psion 3. Supports POP3 on a dial-up connection.
  • WebSurf – An off-line HTML viewer for the Series 3a/c/mx
  • PsiStack – A GPL’d TCP/IP Stack for the Psion 3a/c
  • Psi-Mapper – Geographical information system, with basic maps and systems of overlays which can be browsed around and searched
  • De3ender – A clone of the Defender game
  • DS3AEPL – A free alternative to PsiWin for Windows/Psion connectivity
  • PsiWin 2.1 – Psion’s own Windows connectivity package


Last modified: 21 July 2012