Linux Ports

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Linux doesn’t just run on x86 PCs, it has been ported to all kinds of different architectures from games consoles and PDAs right upto mainframes.

Port Name Architecture Example Machines
UltraLinux SPARC/UltraSPARC Sun Microsystems workstations/servers
PA-RISC Linux PA-RISC HP PA-RISC workstations/servers
Linux/MIPS MIPS SGI, Digital DECStation, Cobalt Qube
Linux/Alpha Alpha Digital/Compaq Alpha
PenguinPPC PowerPC PowerMac, Amiga Power-Up, IBM
Linux/m68k Motorola 68000 Amiga, Atari, Apple Mac, HP9000/300, NeXT, Sun 3 Series
ELKS 8086, 80286 Intel 8086/8088, 80286 based PCs
VAXlinux VAX Digital VAX
Linux390 S/390, zSeries IBM zSeries & S/390 Mainframes
LinuxPPC64 IBM PPC64 IBM AS/400, iSeries & pSeries
LinuxIA64 – Trillian Intel IA-64 Itanium based systems
x86-64 AMD x86-64 AMD 64 bit based systems
ARM Linux ARM Acorn RiscPC & Archimedes, NetWinder, Psion Series 7, iPAQ
mklinux Mach Microkernel PowerMac
uclinux MMU-less microcontrollers Cisco routers, Apple iPod, AXIS network cameras
LinuxSH Hitachi SH-X Windows CE PDAs
Xbox-Linux Xbox x86 Microsoft Xbox Games Console
LinuxDC Hitachi SH-4 Sega Dreamcast Games Console
Runix RISC R3000A Playstation 1 Games Console
PS2 Linux Emotion Engine Playstation 2 Games Console
Palm Linux DragonBall Palm Pilot, Handspring Visor
ELKSibo NEC V30 Psion Series 3
SIBO-Linux NEC V30 Psion Series 3
PsiLinux ARM Psion Series 5, 5MX, 5MX-Pro, Revo
iPAQLinux StrongARM Compaq/HP iPAQ
Linux-MIPS MIPS Casio E-Series, Compaq Aero, Everex Freestyle
Linux-Nino PR31700 Philips Nino
Helio Linux Philips R3912 VTech Helio
iPod Linux ARM7 Apple iPod
TiVo Linux PowerPC TiVo PVRs
User-mode Linux Linux Kernel Machines running Linux
Last modified: 21 July 2012