Lenny Calls

I have set up Lenny the bot for fooling telesales callers on my landline at home, here are some of the calls I’ve received.  I love the way some carry on as if he has answered their questions if they don’t get the answer they want, eg. “as you said your windows are more than 10 years old…” clearly he didn’t!

Most recent at the top.

14/7/16 Marcus from Aid Solutions calls but never gets to say what it was he was actually calling about. [6:36]

12/7/16 Jamie from Independent Home Improvements calls about the ever popular grant to recycle old windows and doors. Full marks for patience. [8:46]

6/7/16 Kathleen from Independent Home Improvements calls about replacement doors and windows but decides not to bother. [2:50]

28/6/16 National Data Centre are back on about replacement doors and windows again, sounds like she is eating her lunch! Toni has no patience for an old man, “can you say that again?” “nah mate… click” [2:40]

10/6/16 Neive from the National Data Centre calls about replacement windows and doors and spends most of the call trying to tell him she will get someone to call him back as he has said he is interested. [8:05]

10/6/16 David from the “technical maintenance department of windows computers” calls. “What’s wrong with you sir?” [11:40]

6/6/16 John from “litigation department” calls about Lenny’s car accident. [10:51]

16/5/16 Shanice from National Data Survey called Lenny about a grant to replace his doors and windows. [5:31]

14/5/16 Ashley Johnson from Consumer Solutions also wants to give Lenny a £10 voucher. [4:03]

13/5/16 Emily Johnson wants to send Lenny a £10 voucher for shopping at Sainsburys or Tesco. [2:28]

9/5/16 Windows Technical Department calls Lenny about his computer again, they don’t have any patience for an old man. [2:06]

5/5/16 Lenny gets a call from Windows Technical Department about errors on his computer but it doesn’t go very far. [1:42]

1/4/16 Tony from Forum Media calls to say Lenny has won the £1000 voucher and a free visit from a kitchen designer in the prize draw he entered in yesterdays call. Isn’t he lucky! Tony reveals they are working “in cahoots with DM Design” in Scotland who know a thing or two about calling numbers that are registered with the TPS. The call gets cut off at 10 minutes but Tony calls back and it takes him another 3+ minutes to realise something is amiss despite Lenny saying the same things all over again! There were another 10 calls through the day from this lot but most seemed to suss pretty quickly that something wasn’t right so I suspect they had been tipped off. At least they weren’t bothering other people! [13:24]

31/3/16 Kelly from Forum Media wants to enter Lenny in a draw to win a £1000 voucher off a new kitchen. He helpfully confirms his age and that his kitchen is over 10 years old. [9:26]

24/3/16 Now Rob at Energy Care Center has a go, it sounds like he might have twigged that something is going on, then he blurts out “congratulations you’ve won a million pounds” and hangs up! [4:32]

24/3/16 Energy Care Center try yet again, this time it is Nathan. Not sure why the recording stops abruptly on this one. [2:37]

2/3/16 Adam from Euroseal calls Lenny about a grant for replacement windows. [8:17]

7/2/16 Harry has got a wrong number, he’s looking for Jean. [1:26]

3/2/16 Energy Care Centre have another go. [2:34]

5/1/16 Molly’s colleague Tom from the Energy Care Centre calls about replacement doors. [2:07]

5/1/16 Molly from the Energy Care Centre calls about a grant to replace old doors or windows. [2:20]

11/12/15 Colin from Tesco wants to know if he can deliver early. Sorry Colin! [1:55]

10/12/15 Lenny gets a call from the “Technical Department of Microsoft Windows” as his computer has been downloading a lot of hacking tools. [06:54]

24/11/15 It’s the boiler replacement people again, this lady says she is calling on behalf of the “UK Government”. [6:49]

21/11/15 Lisa Woods from Consumer Solutions wants to ask Lenny some questions but doesn’t seem too bothered about the answers. [7:25]

11/11/15 Nathan Jones wants to give Lenny a free boiler replacement. [6:32]


Last modified: 26 August 2016