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Gigandes Plaki

This Greek dish also known as gigantes plaki or yigandes plaki is traditionally made with fasolia gigandes, a large bean common in Greece but not easily found here, butter beans make a good substitute though so that’s what I’ve used. There are loads of variations of this type of recipe out there, some containing carrot and other veg but this is […]

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Karahi Tofu

I eat pretty healthily most of the time these days but one thing I’ve never paid any attention to is calories and it shows so recently I’ve been trying to adjust my diet (rather than go ON a diet) to try and reduce my intake, basically just paying attention to what is high in calories, finding alternatives where possible and […]

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Chilli Bean Soup

More soup. I really like soup, and chilli, and beans so why not put them all together. I took my inspiration from Firefoods recipe here but went in my own direction, it was a huge success and I’ll definitely be making this again and again. It’s a really substantial main meal soup and as with most soups there is plenty […]

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