Chilli and cheese loaded potato skins

Delicious cheese and chilli loaded potato skins. Great on their own or as an accompaniment for a chilli. From an original recipe by Chilli Up North. Ingredients: 4 medium or small potatoes (nice floury ones like maris piper are best) 1 ball of mozzarella 2 tablespoons of Discovery pickled red jalapeños 2 tablespoons of soured cream small handful of grated […]

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Chunky Vegetable Soup

A good hearty vegetable soup and a great way to use up left over veg, you can put pretty much anything in a veggie soup. I like to use some dried soup/broth mix (available from supermarkets, usually consists of dried Peas, dried barley, red split lentils, aduki beans etc.) to provide a bit of background bulk to it but it […]

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