Some of the cookbooks that I have found useful:


River Cottage Veg Everyday;
Easily one of the best cookery books I’ve ever bought and also one of the cheapest, currently only £5 on Amazon. There are lots of different recipes to try, all with very good descriptions and almost all with superb pictures and I like the notes on variations to try that are on some of them. This book was £25 when it came out so at a fiver it truly is a bargain and you only have to look at the Amazon reviews to see I’m not alone in raving about this book.
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660 Curries by Raghavan Iyer
660 Curries isn’t all vegetarian recipes but a huge chunk are and it includes large sections on legumes, vegetables and paneer plus some great recipes for spice blends, appetisers, sides and some interesting twists on none traditional curries in the Contemporary Curries section. There is lots of background information and helpful tips along the way but other than a few pictures at the start the recipes are not accompanied with pictures of the finished dish, that’s a shame but with the wealth of information here it is still a very useful book. Highly recommended.
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The Best Ever Vegetarian Cookbook by Roz Denny
Some great recipes in here, everything from starters, mains, side dishes and deserts. Nice clear recipes with lots of pictures of the various stages of each recipe as well as good pictures of the finished dish. [More Info]


Red Hot Chilli Pepper by Jenni Fleetwood
Not a vegetarian specific book but there are plenty of vegetarian recipes and many others that can be easily adapted, a must for any chilli fan. Includes plenty of pictures of the recipes at different stages and high quality pictures of the finished dishes. [More Info]


Easy Indian Cookbook by Manju Malhi
Again, not a vegetarian specific book but plenty of vegetarian recipes included.  Lots of simple but tasty Indian dishes with accompanying pictures of the completed dish. [More Info]


Brit Spice by Manju Malhi
Another good book by Manju Malhi, again not vegetarian specific but includes many vegi recipes. This books focus is on quick spicy dishes using everyday ingredients, blending together Indian and British cuisine. There aren’t pictures of all the completed dishes but the one that are included are good. [More Info]


The Complete Book of Bread & Bread Machines by Christine Ingram
Lots of interesting and unusual recipes for baking bread by hand or in a bread machine with plenty of pictures. [More Info]