I’ve been vegetarian since the age of around 13 or 14 but even before that I always struggled with meat and would eat as little as I could get away with, it’s just a natural preference. After the whole family tried vegetarianism for a couple of weeks in the 1980s I just never went back even though everyone else did. What I do like, as you will see, is spicy food, I pretty much have to get my daily fix of capsaicin to get the endorphins flowing which explains why I seem to add chillis to pretty much everything and why my favourite dish is a good hot curry. I like dishes that are prepared in big pots so they can last for several meals so curries, chillies and soups often feature in my menu, I prefer to make something from scratch myself than use meat substitutes but products like Quorn have their place and I do use them occasionally.

This blog originally started out just for my own use, I wanted somewhere to keep a record of things I would like to make again or would like to come back to improve on and this seemed a good way to do it, a bit like an online version of the notebook that might have kept in a kitchen drawer. It’s also handy to have somewhere to point people to when they ask how something was made. I’m not a great photographer and I’m usually too keen to get stuck in to hang around trying to get the perfect picture but as a reader I hate to find a recipe without a picture of the finished dish so I always make sure I include a picture with all of mine.

My usual process when I am preparing to make a new dish is to look at lots of different recipes and combine what I like from each to make my own version, substituting ingredients to my personal taste and usually adding extra spices or chillis. As a result very few recipes I find are used verbatim but I’ve included references to my sources in the few cases where they have been or if I have only made small changes.

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