Halloumi and Toasted Ciabatta

Halloumi is a cheese of Cypriot origin, made from goat and sheep milk or cow milk it has a high melting point and so can easily be fried or grilled without losing its shape. One of my favourite late night feeds is sliced halloumi dry fried and served on some toasted ciabatta bread with some salad leaves and pickled jalapeno peppers and hot pepper sauce.  Any halloumi will do but I particularly like the Tesco halloumi with chilli.


225g Halloumi cheese
Stonebaked ciabatta loaf
Pickled Jalapeno peppers (eg. Bevelini or Discovery)
Crispy leaf salad of your choice
Encona hot pepper sauce


1. Heat a dry frying pan on a moderate heat and preheat the grill to toast the ciabatta
2. Slice the halloumi into approx 1/3″ thick slices (8 slices for a 225g block) and cut the ciabatta in half lengthways and into 4 equal lengths
3. Toast the ciabatta under the grill while dry frying the halloumi, turning until browned on both sides
4. Place crispy salad leaves on the bottom half of the ciabatta and place the fried halloumi slices on top
5. Spoon some pickled jalapeno peppers on top of the halloumi and drizzle with plenty of the hot pepper sauce before putting the top of the ciabatta on.


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