Phone System

Sipura SPA3000
Sipura SPA3000

I’ve used Asterisk at home since at least 2004, the original setup I had used a clone Digium FXO card to interface with my landline which was never that good and I later switched to a Sipura SPA-3000 (later owned and branded by Linksys). That server is now long gone but I still use the SPA-3000 but these days it connects to a Raspberry Pi running FreePBX or more specifically RasPBX.

As well as the landline I also have a Sipgate number coming in but that’s it these days, I don’t really do phone calls.

Phone wise I have a  Grandstream BT100 IP Phone and a Grandstream 286 ATA with a cordless phone connected.

Grandstream BT100
Grandstream BT100

I use an AGI-MQTT bridge to send call info (callers number and which trunk it came in on) to Node-RED so that I can log calls and get notifications for numbers I want to hear about.

For a bit of fun I have Lenny the bot that fools telesales callers setup to talk to anyone not on my (very exclusive) white list. You can hear some of the calls he has had here.


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Last modified: 21 February 2016

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