Pebble Smartwatch Notifications & Control

I hadn’t worn a watch for over a decade before I got the original Kickstarter Pebble back in 2013 but I was soon hooked and have since upgraded to the Pebble Time Steel.


I use AutoPebble on my watch along with Tasker to fire HTTP Get events off to the web interface when buttons are pressed. The AutoPebble and Tasker combination allows you to easily build up your own menu system with different tasks being started with short or long presses.  I’ve configured a series of menus allowing me to lights and appliances on and off (short press for on, long press for off) as well as setting various modes, triggering macros/scenes and controlling the AV system. When my phone detects it is in the car (using an NFC sticker in my car holder) it switches AutoPebble to a different set of menus allowing me to open the gates at work with a quick press of a button, pause media playback or start the Waze navigation app.

Unfortunately there is a rather annoying but with AutoPebble on the Time watches as the highlighted item is black on black which isn’t great, some colour would be nice too.

auto_pebble_main pebble-steel-autopebble


There are a number of ways to get notifications to a Pebble, one way that my home automation system does this is through Notify My Android but I also wrote a couple of blog posts on Sending Pins to the Pebble Timeline and the Pebble Timeline node for Node-RED that I wrote. This can enter something into the timeline with or without a notification, from a historic point the advantage of having something entered silently into the timeline is that you don’t get disturbed by it but you can easily look back to see when a past event occurred, eg. check to see what time I arrived or left home or what time I went to bed.

Pin Notification on Pebble Time Steel
Pin Notification on Pebble Time Steel
The time the house was set to bed mode silently inserted into the timeline
The time the house was set to bed mode silently inserted into the timeline


Read more about  my smart home automation system here.


Last modified: 21 February 2016

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