Vashta Nerada [Doctor Who Theme] by Traffic Experiment

I just wanted to share this fantastic Pink Floyd-esque (with a hint of Ozric Tentacles in places) reworking of the Doctor Who theme tune from Traffic Experiment as it doesn’t seem to have been getting the love it so obviously deserves. You can also download this track for free as an MP3 or FLAC at […]

The TiVo AltEPG Project

In early 2000 TiVo launched their revolutionary Linux based PVR in the UK in partnership with Sky TV and it soon picked up a loyal fanbase. Unfortunately due to a lack of marketing it never took off as it should have and TiVo pulled out of the UK in January 2003 and Sky later went […]

Delia Derbyshire – Goddess of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

I was pleasantly surprised to see that tonights airing of the Delia Derbyshire documentary “Sculptress of Sound: The Lost Works of Delia Derbyshire” on BBC Radio 4 was listened to by enough people to make her name a trending topic on Twitter in the UK for most of the evening – and not just because […]

Channel 4 3D Week

Starting on Monday 16th November Channel 4 will be showing a series of programmes in 3D. They will be using the Danish ColorCode 3-D method which uses blue/amber lenses and is supposed to offer improved color and depth over the older red/cyan or red/green Anaglyphic 3D system. This probably means that any old 3D glasses […]

Sherlock Holmes in Grappenhall Village

I recently found some old photographs that I took of parts of the Wisteria Lodge episode of the TV series The Return of Sherlock Holmes being filmed in Grappenhall Village in Warrington where I lived at the time. Starring Jeremy Brett as Holmes and Edward Hardwicke as Watson it featured the cobbled streets of Grappenhall […]

BBC iPlayer

Well it might be an IE only DRM’d piece of crap but does it have any redeeming points? Not that I can find. Had a play with it last night and can’t say I was impressed. 30 mins show at 142Mb, not bad but took ages to download and quality was piss poor on my […]

Build your own TARDIS

Here is  a good site with detailed instructions for building your own TARDIS. A here is a guy who has built his own TARDIS, console, console room, Daleks and K9, with loads of pics of them in progress

Doctor Who!

Guess what I got of UKNova last night! Only the first episode of the new Dr Who!! It’s not even due to be broadcast till the end of the month. Wasn’t on there for long though, bit likely to draw the wrong sort of attention methinks   Post viewing report coming later! I’ve had some good […]

One nine God, got yer ears on good buddy?

Ofcom proposes to allow local religious and community organisations to operate within the UK Citizen Band allocation, to begin with, by licensing a number of such organisations to transmit services in a limited number of pilot areas. Can see trouble when mic keyers and worse key over the vicar though! and how about this, they […]