Tiny Tiny RSS – A replacement for Google Reader

So they finally did it, Google killed Reader, as the news broke on Wednesday evening the internet erupted in howls of anguish, how could they take away something so vital? Supposedly its death is due to declining usage and Google’s desire to focus on fewer products but many suspect it is simply another casualty in the […]

Google Apps Accounts and the Android Market

Photo credit: jyri Anyone with a Google Apps account (aka Google Apps for Your Domain or GAFYD) will be familiar with the discrepancies regarding certain Google services and their availability to Apps users. Google Reader for example requires a normal Google Account, an Apps account won’t do. The way round this is to create a […]

Wikileaks Needs Help

Photo credit: inju Wikileaks, the site that allows whistleblowers to anonymously leak information has had to temporarily shut down while they try to raise more funds. The site currently says: “To concentrate on raising the funds necessary to keep us alive into 2010, we have reluctantly suspended all other operations, but will be back soon.” […]

HTML5 Video in danger of repeating old mistakes

Photo credit: bioxid Last week YouTube and Vimeo introduced experimental support for HTML5 video but their choice of video codec, H.264, has caused a bit of a stir. One of the aims of HTML5 is to reduce the need for proprietary plug-in-based technologies such as Flash through the use of the new video tag for […]

Say No To Disconnections

Photo credit: Nick Humphries I expect most people are aware of the debate surrounding the UK Government’s proposals to disconnect alleged illegal file sharers from the internet without a fair trial. This is the so called “Three Strikes” system which has the potential to cut entire households off from the net due to the alleged […]

Has Firefox lost its way?

Photo credit: Garrett LeSage I’ve been hearing a lot of dissent in the Firefox-using ranks lately and have to say that I have been feeling some pain myself, on multiple machines and different operating systems. Once heralded as the lightweight, reliable, alternative browser, Firefox seems to be becoming slower and more bloated with each release. […]

3 Quick & Dirty WordPress Plugins

Photo credit: Nikolay Bachiyski I’ve added a page with three very quick and dirty WordPress plugins I made and use here. They are very simple and were made for my own use so those that need configuration don’t have any settings pages, you will have to edit the plugin file manually, not that they require […]

Free our postcodes

Photo credit: Kake Pugh Postcodes are something most people give little consideration to, originally created to aid the sorting of mail and first introduced under Postmaster General Ernest Marples in 1959 the postcode took until 1974 to become universal across the UK. It has since gone on to be used for a wide range of […]

Email from a colleague

See, this is what I have to work with! Nathan , Internet is down , sorry mither you at home but how do i get it back on Thanks (Name removed to protect the guilty!) So he’s emailing me to tell me the internet isn’t working? anyone see the problem here?  (obviously this only came […]