ESP8266 ESP-03 Dev Board

esp-03_boardThis is a small dev board I designed to make experimenting with and deploying the ESP8266 ESP-03 modules a bit easier. As well as breaking out all the pins to 2.54mm headers it has a position to fit either a DS18B20 temperature sensor or a DHT22 temperature/humidity sensor plus the required pull up resistor. It can be powered from 3.3V or 5V+* if the regulator is fitted and there is a footprint for a micro USB connector if required.

*The regulator I used is good for up to 18V but I don’t know how far you would be able to push it with only the small area of PCB that is used as a heatsink. I would imagine it will be OK to at least 9V.

A 3 way pin header allows a jumper to be moved to switch between normal running mode and flash programming mode. With the jumper in the RUN position GPIO0 is connected to the header marked 0 and in the PRG position GPIO0 is grounded. It needs to be powered up with the jumper in the PRG position to enable programming mode.

ESP-03_SleepSide note: to use the deep sleep function of the ESP8266 you must link two pads on the ESP-03 module itself, the ones near VCC and GPIO14 (see picture on left). This joins GPIO16 to RST on the chip so it can be woken up automatically, this is the only way to do it with the ESP-03 as RST isn’t broken out on the module.

As with all my boards this is open source so if you want to get some made or remix it you will find all the files below. If you want to order some of the PCBs you can either send the gerber files off to your fab of choice or just order them from here. Cost is $14 for 10 boards including delivery. Don’t be put off by the name, there is nothing dirty about them, they are at least as good as boards I’ve had from Seeed in the past.


3 way pin header and jumper for programming
Plus 2.54mm headers as required

Optional parts required for 5V+ regulation:

3.3V LDO regulator in SOT-223 package, I used an NCP1117LP


R1: 4.7K 0805 Resistor (for DS18B20) or 10K 0805 resistor (for DHT22)

I used paste and hot air to solder the passives, regulator and micro usb and hand soldered the rest including the ESP-03 module.


Open Source HardwareThis is Open Source Hardware licenced under a
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) licence.


5 thoughts on “ESP8266 ESP-03 Dev Board

  1. Looks a nice little board, I’ve just discovered the esp 01 and I’m doing a similar pcb to take either the 01 or the 03 board with a ds18b20.

  2. Its is very nice the work you did i am looking the library for the component esp8266-07 for eagle layout someone can give me a link thanks

  3. Very nice. I had been struggling to get the dimensions of the module.

    Thank You.

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