Tiny328 PCB Give Away

tiny328_zaraZara from Germany has been in contact to say he has had some of my Tiny328 wireless Arduino boards made and has some spare PCBs that he would like to give away so if you could find a use for a small wireless Arduino compatible or two and can handle a bit of SMD soldering then this is your chance.

These boards have been nicely panelised with two per board as pictured, to complete them you will need to separate them yourself and you will need the following parts along with the ability to solder the SMD components. This can be done using the reflow method or with a fine tipped soldering iron as Élio has done with his.

Additional components you will need:
1 x ATMEGA328P-AU Microcontoller
1 x SMT ceramic resonator 16.0MHz
1 x Microchip MCP1700T-3302E/TT 3.3V SOT23 LDO Regulator
5 x 0603 0.1uF ceramic capacitors
1 x 0603 1uF ceramic capacitor
1 x 0603 10uF ceramic capacitor
1 x 0603 10K resistor
2.54mm male or female headers as required

And if you want to add the optional wireless transceiver:
1 x Hope RF RFM12B/Alpha TRX433S or a Ciseco SRF
Wire for the antenna, eg. 0.6mm solid core (165mm for 433MHz, 82mm for 868MHz)

Zara says he is willing to post some of these to up to five people anywhere in the world free of charge so if this sounds like something you would use please post a comment to that effect below and I will send him details of the first five (don’t post your address, I will email you for that so make sure the email address you use to comment is valid).

Huge thanks to Zara for this very kind offer.


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