3 Quick & Dirty WordPress Plugins

WordPress Moleskine notebook
Creative Commons License Photo credit: Nikolay Bachiyski

I’ve added a page with three very quick and dirty WordPress plugins I made and use here. They are very simple and were made for my own use so those that need configuration don’t have any settings pages, you will have to edit the plugin file manually, not that they require much in the way of configuration. They are:

Google Latitude Shortcode – Add your Google Latitude location using a WordPress shortcode.

Short URL Auto-Discovery Header – Adds a short URL auto-discovery header, useful if you have an alternate URL for your blog that is shorter than your main one.

QR-Code-Link – Add a WordPress widget with a link to a QR Code for the current page.

I don’t have the time to offer any support on these plugins but I thought they might be useful to someone.

More information and downloads here.

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