BrewDog Tasting Round 2

BreDog Paradox Smokehead
Creative Commons License Photo credit: Bernt Rostad

So I thought it was time to get some more BrewDog beers in considering how well they went down last time. Kicking off was the very limited edition Rake Raspberry Imperial Stout which is very unusual indeed, smokey, whisky to the taste and not too overpowering with the fruit as some fruit beers can be but quite tart. Something I would try again but don’t think I could drink two on the run.

I also got some of the Paradox Smokehead Imperial Stout (10%) which, incredibly, was even better than the Paradox Speyside I had last time. Very peaty, smokey whisky taste & aroma as you would expect from the 6 months it has spent in the Smokehead whisky casks. This is a strong contender for my favourite beer ever! The biggest surprise though was the “How To Disappear Completely”, at only 3.5% I wasn’t expecting much from this IPA; How wrong was I? Incredibly hoppy and bitter, I dare say most people will find this too hoppy but for me it was heaven. I could drink this all day.

Also tried the Zeitgeist black lager (4.9%), completely unlike any lager I have ever tasted, chocolatey and malty to the taste and very easy to drink. Finally, I tried Dogma, a heather honey infused ale (7.8%), taste is very strong on the honey with hints of cola but too sweet for me, slightly sickly towards the end of the glass.

They’ve also just released the 2009 version of Tokyo at 18.2% which has already caused a bit of a fuss but at £9.99 for a 330ml bottle it’s too rich for me!

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