Spotify – Free the music

SpotifyI’ve been raving about streaming music service Spotify to anyone who will listen for a while now…

Financed through very infrequent and unintrusive ads or a rather expensive £10/month subscription, Spotify is the latest attempt to save the music industry from piracy, and it’s making a big impact.

The application is available for Windows or Max OS X and also runs flawlessly under Wine on Linux (which seems to have resulted in no ads at the moment) and mobile versions are in the works.

As well as browsing for artists, albums and tracks Spotify also has a radio feature where you can select music by genre and time and it also allows you to share songs and playlists with friends easily.

It’s a brilliant way to explore new music and the range available is staggering with a few notable exceptions being The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin (get with it guys!).

If you love music you’ve got to try Spotify.

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