XBMC Fox For YouTube

I was recently pointed in the direction of XBMC Fox, a useful Firefox extension that adds a new option to the right click menu in Firefox which will send URLS to XBMC (Xbox Media Center) for on screen playback.

Dead handy but it doesn’t work for YouTube though… so I’ve modified it so it does.

For YouTube just right click any link of the form http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aN7mVCbk6M and select “Send This to XBMC” as normal and it will work

Only the firefox extension is required, nothing to install on xbox, just make sure web server is turned on in settings.

One thought on “XBMC Fox For YouTube

  1. Hey! This modified version do not work for me at all.
    When i paste the url from youtube nothings happens, but when i right-klick on a link the xbox begins to look it up and loading it. But it still doesnt play the video.
    Nice of you modifying it anyway!
    please reply in my mail.
    Great greetings!

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